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Vaidban Kala Gond Capsule/Tablet

Today we will know about the complete information of Kala Gond because when a festival comes in India, people often buy and eat sweets from the market, while many people want to avoid harmful sweets from the market. At the place itself, different types of sweets and laddus are prepared at home. Various types of cashews, almonds, and pistachios are added to the homemade laddus, along with Black Gond or Gum. These laddus not only look very tasty to eat, as well as being mixed with black gum but they are also considered very effective for health. We get gum mainly from trees. In today’s article, we will know the Vaidban Kala Gond Capsule/Tablet will get to know all the information in detail, so read the post. Do read till the last.

What is Black Gond Siyah?

If we talk about Black Gond or Gum, we get it from trees. Most of the black gum is obtained from trees like Acacia. The neem tree also has gum, but it is bitter, the same gum found in the acacia tree is delicious and the gum of the acacia tree is used for various purposes.

You can find black gum in the trunk of the acacia tree or sticking in its branches, which you can sometimes easily uproot with your hands or you can remove with something. There are many Ayurvedic medicines used for making black gum. There are many medicinal properties inside it, which work to benefit the human body.

What is Vaidban Kala Gond like?

Talking about the size of Black gum, it is not in any fixed shape. Sometimes it is found straight, sometimes it is crooked. Its thickness is equal to 1 cm and when it dries, it becomes quite hard. When it is soft, you can press it with your hands as well. It feels sticky and when it dries it becomes hard. When it becomes hard, it is used by breaking it. Its color is black. That’s why it is called black gum.

How is Kala Gond made?

Let us tell you that acacia, neem, peepal, Arjun, drumstick, ber, these are some such trees, the trunk of which sometimes automatically becomes ready by becoming black glue. If a person wants to get black gum with the help of these trees, then he has to first take some sharp weapon. This weapon can also be a sharp knife, a sharp ax, or a sword. After this, the person has to inflict a wound on the trunk of any of the above-mentioned trees.

A discharge is produced from the wound, when it comes out, is a bit sticky, and gradually after exposure to sunlight, it becomes thick and takes on a brown or black color. This is called black gum. Let us tell you that the gum obtained from the neem tree is bitter to eat. Apart from this, the gum of acacia tree and drumstick and peepal tree is sweet to eat.

Benefits of Vaidban Kala Gond Capsule/Tablet.

1. Kala Gond for Weight Loss

Some girls had eaten black gum continuously for 1 month and after eating it for 1 month, they said that they felt a reduction in their body fat eating it. Thus it can be believed that due to eating black gum, body fat can be reduced. It contains a good amount of dietary fiber, which can prove helpful in reducing obesity.

2. Kala Gond Protects From Cancer

On hearing the name cancer, the air of good people becomes tight, because these people think that it is such a disease, which tortures and kills a person. Although this is true, it is good to stay away from this disease. Inside black gum, you find an element called anticarcinogenic, which works to attack the cells which are believed to cause cancer.

3. Black gum is beneficial in diabetes

In the problem of diabetes, the amount of sugar in a person’s body increases and if its amount remains constant in his body, then it can even kill him. Black gum should be eaten because it does not allow the amount of sugar to increase in the body, as well as it also works to reduce the bad cholesterol LDL.

4. Black Gum for Diarrhea

To cure diarrhea you should first take black gum powder and after that, you should heat 1 glass of water and put ORS inside it and also put black gum powder and drink it. It will prove helpful in eliminating diarrhea.

5. Gond Siyah / Black Gum can cure many diseases like:

It helps to cure many diseases like Gout, Sciatica, Joint Pain, Neck pain, Pain in the Back, Hip pain, Pain in the ankles, Increased uric acid, Cervical Pain, Muscle Soreness, Knee Pain, and Elbow Pain.

How is Vaidban Kala Gond Capsule Consumed?

  • Vaidban KALA GOND capsule, Very useful With KALI HALDI Capsule for Sciatica Pain. Joints Pain/Swelling ( Gouts) Cervical / Nack Pain.
  • Vaidban KALA GOND capsule is very useful With KALA JAMUN Capsule for Diabetes and Cholesterol.
  • Vaidban KALA GOND Capsule is useful with Vaidban PEELA METHA Capsule for shoulders pain, Back Pain, and Legs Pain.
  • Vaidban KALA GOND capsule is very effective with Vaidban Wheatgrass powder and Vaidban Babool Panchang Powder for Cancer Patients.

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