Fatty Liver Wellness Combo
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Discover the Power of Vaidban Fatty Liver Wellness Combo

Embrace the holistic approach of Ayurveda with the Vaidban Fatty Liver Wellness Combo Pack, designed to rejuvenate and protect your liver. This comprehensive package combines the benefits of multiple supplements to address the diverse needs of liver health.

Vaidban Fatty Liver Wellness Combo Product Details

Fatty Liver Wellness Combo
fatty liver
  1. PNM-XN Fatty Liver Care Syrup: This syrup utilizes a potent blend of traditional herbs known for their liver-protective properties. It aids in detoxifying the liver, improving bile flow, and restoring liver function affected by fatty liver disease.
  2. BRIDHI AMRIT Powder: A fine mix of ayurvedic ingredients, this powder supports liver cleansing and helps in the regeneration of liver cells. It is particularly beneficial in combating the inflammation and oxidative stress associated with fatty liver.
  3. LV-AMRIT Capsules: These capsules are formulated to enhance liver health by promoting liver enzymes’ balance and ensuring effective liver metabolism. They help in reducing liver inflammation and preventing further damage.
  4. LIV-XN Livergen-DS: An advanced formulation, these capsules are designed to strengthen the liver’s defense mechanisms against toxins, aid in the repair of damaged liver tissues, and improve overall liver functionality.


  • Supports liver detoxification
  • Enhances liver function and protection against disease
  • Promotes the regeneration of liver cells
  • Offers comprehensive liver care through a synergistic effect of multiple products

Usage: For optimal results, follow the dosage instructions provided on each product’s packaging. Regular and consistent use as part of a healthy lifestyle and diet can lead to significant improvements in liver health.

Conclusion: The Vaidban Fatty Liver Wellness Combo Pack is your ally in maintaining liver health through the power of Ayurveda. It provides a balanced and effective solution to manage and prevent fatty liver conditions, ensuring your liver’s health is restored and maintained.

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